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Building Envelope in Fort Lauderdale

The U.S. Department of Energy, has stated that more than 10% of all energy use in the country is attributed to the condition of building envelopes. Buildings waste energy through gaps and cracks on the envelope construction and could be costing their owners up to 40% more in heating and 15% in cooling costs due to uncontrolled air filtration. These leaks could occur all throughout the building -- at roof/wall joints, doors, windows, roof level changes, electrical outlets and elsewhere.

The solution is an air barrier audit to identify where leaks occur, and an air barrier system to control those leaks.

Your facility may also require a continuous air barrier to comply with local building code requirements

Leak Response in Fort Lauderdale

Building Envelope Maintenance

Only Tremco Roofing has the resources, experience and technical expertise to deliver a solution so comprehensive to facility owners in South Florida.

Tremco delivers long-term performance to building owners and facility managers for roofing and building assets by caring and managing the life cycle of the entire building envelope. We service all types of buildings and market segments including commercial offices, government buildings, medical offices, hospitals, schools, banks, industrial buildings and commercial buildings.

Our unique Tremco ManagedAssets program provides complete roofing and building envelope maintenance support while shifting the financial responsibilities to us.

In the crowded world of facility management, only Tremco Roofing brings it all together with Tremco ManagedAssets (TMA). TMA is our unique single-source program that ensures both building envelope performance and budget predictability. Our patented three-part program provides expert inventory assessment, prioritized construction and scheduled maintenance so you know what you have, spend wisely and keep your building envelopes operational for as long as possible. We’re so confident that we can keep your buildings leak-free, we’ll assume the risk of failure during the contract period to optimize both your budget and your operations.

Phase One: Information to build on
Phase Two: Programmed support based on your needs, budget
Phase Three: No risk, plenty of rewards

When the TMA program is followed, Tremco Roofing assumes financial risk if a leak does occur.