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SINGLE PLY SYSTEMS TPA Tremco Roofing in Fort Lauderdale

Our TPO, TPA and TremPly membranes are durable, offer excellent UV protection, and their reflectivity can help lower a facility's energy use.

They can be applied in either hot or cold adhesives, and used with additional roofing plies to create a "hybrid" roofing system. As part of a multi-ply configuration, our single ply membranes are an excellent choice for vegetated roofing systems, both for waterproofing and as a root barrier.

Tremco’s single ply roofing membrane have been used for both new construction and re-roofing on such buildings as manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, office buildings, shopping malls, schools and hospitals, as well as on extreme applications such as restaurants, automotive assembly plants and airports.

Building owners and roofing contractors are hard pressed to find a better membrane than Tremco Roofing’s TPA sheet, with its long-lasting formulation and durability. From its ease of application to outstanding performance and long-term savings, our TPA single ply membrane continues to satisfy new and repeat customers while meeting or beating the ROI expectations of building owners

As for performance, its PVC with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE-based compound sets the industry standard for every kind of resistance: tears, punctures, water, UV, oil, chemical, salt, and other pollutants and contaminants; the major code organizations have also fully approved our TPA system for fire resistance.

The KEE reinforces the embedded, wick-resistant, industrial strength polyester scrim and provides years of problem-free service under normal conditions.

Installation is simple and efficient. The seams are hot air welded and are easy to adhere and foolproof, forming a fused bond along the overlapping rolls as strong as the TPA material itself. Because TPA is so tough, with its high-tenacity, non-wick polyester reinforcing scrim, you can choose just the thickness you need and save money on material. Tremco Roofing’s TPA also uses a reliable patented, aramid fiber reinforced edge for superior strength.

Reliable Membrane for New Construction or Re-Roofing Projects

Reliable Membrane for New Construction
or Re-Roofing Projects